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Farm Animal Rights Movement

About FARM Underground

FARM Underground was created to empower compassionate people like YOU to take action for Farmed Animals! You can make a difference in ending animal exploitation now.

FARM Underground is your interactive resource to locate active groups and individuals involved with farmed animal rights issues in your area. FARM Underground also is your source for activism advice and materials!

What FARM Underground Provides:

Events Calendar - keep track of special activities & events across the country 
Blog - news, interviews and stories from the FARM Underground Liberation Team 
FREE Materials & Handouts for all outreach campaigns
Outreach & partnerships with Vegan Bands
Action Alerts for local tabling and outreach opportunities
College Animal Rights Groupsget involved!
Step By Step Tips on Veganizing Your Cafeteria
Ways that YOU can help inspire others to live vegan for at least one day a week
Monthly & Annual Awards for inspiring activists who get active for Farmed Animals

TOGETHER we can STOP the suffering!

FARM Underground aims to nurture consistent activism year-round by providing materials and guidance to active school groups and individuals. Farm Underground also works with bands who promote animal liberation and/or veganism.

We are abolitionists promoting veganism for the purpose of farmed animal liberation.

FARM Underground is a project of FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, public-interest organization promoting vegan, plant-based diets to save animals, protect the environment, and improve health. We operate from the nation's capital and work through our volunteer coordinators in all 50 states and two dozen other countries.


A Campaign of Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM), 10101 Ashburton Lane, Bethesda, MD 20817 888-FARM-USA (327-6872)