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Farm Animal Rights Movement

For many, music is the universal language that speaks when ordinary words cannot. Often an instrument for social change, music has been the language for cultures to rise up for, at least two centuries.

There are more and more bands, performers and hip-hop artists that are calling for a vegan revolution, while exposing generations to the plight of other animals. 

Navigate through these pages to learn more about vegan/pro-animal liberation bands and how FARM Underground is working with the bands to provide a much needed voice for animals!



Interviews- Farm Underground band interviews

Vegan/Pro-Animal Liberation Bands-list of vegan bands

Bands THAT have Endorsed FARM Underground

Upcoming Concerts to leaflet/table- list of concerts to conduct outreach


A Campaign of Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM), 10101 Ashburton Lane, Bethesda, MD 20817 888-FARM-USA (327-6872)