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Farm Animal Rights Movement
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There are several opportunities to get active throughout the year with FARM Underground seasonal campaigns.  Make sure to check back periodically and stay up-to-date with the current FARM Underground campaign. 

Go to Warped Tour for Free with FARM Underground!

While we’re busy coordinating the Animal Rights 2011 National Conference, FARM Underground still has outreach plans for the summer: for the first time, we’ll be attending Warped Tour to promote a vegan lifestyle to thousands of concert-goers and we need your help!

Since 1995, Warped Tour has drawn huge crowds across the United States and Canada by featuring the latest bands and a variety of extreme sports. These concerts are the perfect opportunities to spread the vegan message—but we need you to join us to make it a success!

FARM Underground will be sharing a booth with the Warped Tour veterans Action for Animals: AFA will have literature and merchandise while FARM Underground will run a “Pay-Per-View” station, offering $1.00 to anyone willing to watch a 4-minute video about the suffering of animals on farms.

We’re looking for volunteers who live near one of the 44 Warped Tour venues. We pay for the $47 admission and only ask that you work at least 4 to 5 hours at the booth before leaving to watch your favorite bands play.

Don't Forget to let us know if you can help staff a Pay Per View Table at one of the Warped Tour locations near you!

Let's make this year matter... the animals are counting on us!


In a school group?  Want to get your group featured on the FARM Underground web site?  Sign up for the FARM Underground Liberation Team and email us to sign on as an Active School Group!


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