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Farm Animal Rights Movement


Navigate through these pages for tips and guides on different ways to help animals, get free materials, learn about FARM campaigns to stay active for famed animals year-round!

Its time to get active for farmed animal liberation!  

Ways to Get Active FARM Campaigns Current Campaign
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Ways to Get Active- Guides for getting active.

Yearly Campaigns- Learn more about FARM Campaigns to stay active for farmed animals year round.

Current Campaign- Get Active with FARM Underground's seasonal campaign!

Upcoming Event Ideas - Ready to get active for farmed animals? Check out some of these events and outreach opportunities! Check back often, new events are always being added!

Free Handouts - Browse & Order FARM Underground's FREE full color information handouts for your outreach event!


A Campaign of Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM), 10101 Ashburton Lane, Bethesda, MD 20817 888-FARM-USA (327-6872)