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Farm Animal Rights Movement

before you start a petition-

There are four key ingredients to consider when starting a successful petition:

1) The first is identifying your petition's target which could range from an individual in charge of your cafeteria’s menu to your school’s board of directors. Do your research to make sure your petition is heard by the person(s) in charge of decisions regarding cafeteria menu items!

2) The second is to properly research the target's rules or protocols for acceptance of your petition for review. While FARM Underground supplies a general petition PDF, you may need to tailor one to meet your school’s specifications and requirements.

3) The third critical issue is conducting proper and thorough research into the petition's subject matter so that the call to action is both believable and feasible. Make sure that both your petition signers and target are persuaded to agree that vegan meal options are healthy, needed, easy to implement and that all will benefit from them being added to the menu.

4) Lastly, the petition must pass a communication test: its language should be clear, concise and believable.

A Campaign of Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM), 10101 Ashburton Lane, Bethesda, MD 20817 888-FARM-USA (327-6872)