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Farm Animal Rights Movement

Getting vegan options into your cafeteria is a much needed step for farmed animal liberation!  It is necessary to get great vegan meals to accompany your outreach on campus.

There are many reasons for veganism: for the animals, for the environment, solutions to world hunger, and for your health.  Veganism is an all inclusive decision that ties into everything we do. 

Here are some easy steps to achieve success in getting vegan dining options on campus:

1) Get a petition going in between classes and during busy meal times.  A petition helps show campus decision makers that there is an genuine interest in vegan meal options! Just grab a few clipboards and get people to sign the petition. Remember that people don’t have to be vegan to sign! They just need to support making a vegan option available to everyone on campus.  It’s good to have vegan literature handy and use the petition as an opportunity to raise awareness about the benefits of a vegan lifestyle to interested petition signers. Before starting a petition, click here for some pointers!

2) Draft a letter to your school’s dining-service or school officials who make dining decisions.  Use the letter to set up a meeting.  The letter should make your points before the meeting; you can restate them and elaborate if needed during the meeting. 

3) Talk to your school’s officials who make dining decisions and give them the materials available on our website including your signed petitions. You can set up a meeting or just stop by their office. Remember that it is your school officials' & decision makers' job to satisfy their students’ needs- by politely speaking up, you’re helping them do their jobs, and they should welcome your concerns and ideas.

4) Step up the action. If you are in college and your school is not responsive to cordial meetings, it may be worth considering a campaign that includes demonstrations and/or dramatic protests. This is trickier at high schools, but can sometimes be done. A constant campaign of demonstrations, including cage-ins and die-ins, can add to the pressure your school feels to listen to your demands.

Visit our Get Active Section for more information on specific actions.

5 ) Once you have succeeded, it is important to follow up with your school’s dining officials with frequent “thank you” reminders to keep communication lines open.  Even when vegan options have been added, you can always do more.  Try getting your cafeteria to serve completely vegan meals at least every Monday (to start), in observance of FARM’s Meatout Mondays campaign.   

We have downloadable materials to help you:


Petition for Vegan Menu Options

Download this pettition template to start veganizing your cafeteria.

Sample Letter for Vegan Menu Option

Download this sample letter to send a letter to your food service director or school principal. Make sure to follow up with a meeting!

Vegan Recipies

Vegan Recipies for Food Service Providers

Physicians Commitee for Responsible Medicine's (PCRM) full color recipie guide to give to your food service provider!

more resources:

Vegan Recipies for Institutions:

 The following recipies are Microsoft Word documents to be downloaded and printed:
Recipie Book:
Vegan in Volume: Vegan Quantity recipes for every occasion
Food Companies and Distrobution Information:
Citizens for Healthy Options in Childrens’ Education
Resources for Nutritional Information:
  • Citizens for Healthy Options in Childrens’ Education offers a nutrition lesson plan at three grade levels.
  • The Produce for Better Health Foundation offers some lesson plans to encourage students to learn about and eat more fruits and vegetables.
  • Center for Ecoliteracy’s Rethinking School Lunch Program provides a guide with tools and curricula to help schools improve school lunch and integrate nutrition education into the classroom.

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