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Farm Animal Rights Movement

Veganism is not just a diet or a label.  Veganism is the principle that human-animals should live without exploiting other-animals. Animal exploitation is all around us and in almost every aspect of our lives, whether it be the clothes we wear, the personal cosmetics we use, or the “entertainment” we choose to frequent.  The majority of information on this website is related to farmed animals who are brought into this world for the purpose of being consumed as food.  These intelligent individuals account for 99% of all other-animals raised and exploited for human use.

This is why it is imperative to make a commitment to align your life with the vegan principle of non-exploitation. Please work to remove your support from oppressive practices, overcome your own prejudices, and spread these ideals and practices to the people around you.

To be “vegan” is both to have the goal of liberation for all beings and to dedicate oneself to achieving that goal - even if it seems idealistic or far off.  Please click on the links below and learn about the plight of other-animal victims who are seen as nothing more than commodities and why a true abolitionist movement is necessary to break the chains of slavery:


Why Vegan? - Information on the broad effects of our personal decisions have on the world

For the Animals- Billions of sentient beings are slaughtered every year for human use
For the Environment- Animal Agriculture's contribution to environmental devastation
For World Hunger- Nearly 1/2 of the world's food are fed to farmed animals not the world's hungry
For Your Health- learn about the positive health benefits of plant based foods

What is Abolitionism?- Information on the abolitionist movement and welfare reforms

Free Vegan Starter Guide- Request your Free Vegan Starter Guide with recipes & information

Want More? Visit, for a complete guide with delicious vegan recipes!

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